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BC Studio-Interior Design

Studiotechnical + Interior Design

BC Studio Designs, manages renovations, furnishments residential and commercial interiors.

The experience gained in these years of work has allowed our studio to guarantee quality and efficiency, always looking for new ideas, with continuous attention to new trends and innovations

We are able to optimize at best, evaluating intervention for intervention, the correct coordination of interventions in the pipeline, according to very precise timing, guaranteeing a constant supervision of the works.

You will be followed and participated in all phases of the design, with the utmost professionalism and transparency, having BC Studio as the only interlocutor.

We Guarantee experience and professionalism passion to design your environments of quality, design and functionality

Contact our studio for advice, we will be happy to meet you to find the best solution to your needs.

An interior Designer is a creative figure who deals with the design and development of interior spaces.

His work stems from the desire to create a certain type of experience for the people who will perceive the space he designed.
A good interior design anticipates the needs of people and succeeds, through the spaces it creates, to excite. An interior designer listens to the needs and desires of his clients and then interprets them in his own way to develop homes, but not only: restaurants, shops, offices, hotels, public infrastructures are other examples of spaces that an interior designer occupies.

He Works on the design of a whole house and, as in our case, thanks to figures inside the studio, as geometers and engineers, can deal with structural work.


The decorator with the interior designer is Often confused: The difference between the two is that the first one deals only with the aesthetic aspect of an interior space, for example the choice of the objects, the colours of the walls or the paintings, the interior designer, instead, must be Able to develop and apply creative solutions and have technical knowledge for the various options and spaces it draws.

Another important ability that has the interior designer is to be able to make the most of the spaces.

During the design of a house, an interior designer makes design decisions whose purpose is to best use the square footage of a space and thus to offer the customer the ideal solution, especially in small spaces.

BC Studio is proud to collaborate and support local businesses and artisans.


The study of a building must always start from the needs of those who must live it, reflecting its peculiarities and desires. On These fundamental concepts is founded the philosophy of BC Studio, a consolidated reality that operates as a leader in the field of the design of new buildings and renovations.

BC Studio operates in the field of civil, commercial and industrial construction proposing to the customer various design solutions that are discussed in concert with the client, elaborated by our team to reach a final model that is the closest to Your desires and that you go to incorporate them in a harmonious way with the territory.

Services Offered

  • Renovation of existing buildings
  • Real Estate Splits
  • Conservative rehabilitation
  • Extraordinary Maintenance
  • Redistribution of interior spaces
  • Consultancy for routine maintenance
  • Interior Design
  • Work Management
  • Drafting of Energy Certifications

Business and retail Design

Services Offered

  • Space Design
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Design and realization
  • Plant Design for residential and commercial activities
  • Property Management
  • Building Practices for Qualifying licences for the purposes of tax Deductions for restructuring, cadastral practices, appraials, technical reports etc…

Thanks to the experience accumulated over the years through collaborations with manufacturers and general contractors we are able to plan and control all the phases of the project commissioned.

Our job is to manage the job order assigned specifically:


Constantly monitor and supervise the shipyards with particular attention to the quality of the works, to the respect of the budgets, the times and to the respect of the security charges


Control and coordinate operationally the working teams, contractors, and external site managers


Set up Chrono-Work program, in concert with the instructions of the person in charge to arrange and manage site signs and notices of interruptions.


Manage the documentary part regarding the safety yards test the plants


Managing the direct contact with: Contractor, operative, external shipyard manager, the management works for the OPERATIVE operation of the shipyards


To manage in entrepreneurial terms the development of the extraordinary maintenance.

Some Machining

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